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Wedding Photographers – What to Look For

by Jen Carter

A wedding photographer who doesn’t have references may not be the person you want to hire to highlight your special event. In addition to viewing their portfolio, you might want to ask the prospective photographer for a list of personal references. Getting to know the person you’re hiring is always a great idea. People love to talk. Let’s just hope they say good things about the photographer you want to hire. Ask as many questions about your photographer’s personality and qualifications as possible. You want an open-minded professional that can cater to your every need.

Shop around before you commit to any single wedding photographer. Find out what they’re including in their fees. The package that they’re offering may be a standard fixed package. Other photographers may customize a package to suit your needs. But most importantly, how much time is the photographer willing to commit to your special day? Are they willing time sacrifice more of their time, should you want more photographs taken? Find these things out prior to committing to a contract.

Decide whether you’d like traditional photographs taken or non-traditional photographs. What’s the difference, you ask? Traditional photography caters to ‘natural’ poses of yourself and your partner, your friends, family, and loved ones. Whereas non-traditional, or journalistic style, steers clear of ‘posing.’ Your photographer will take pictures of friends and loved-ones when they least expect it. If you’d like to see the difference between these two types of photographs, ask your prospective wedding photographer.

You’ll want to make sure that there’s some sort of connection between you and photographer. Is this a person who will be comfortable taking photographs at a lesbian wedding? Does this person seem uptight, or untrustworthy? Feel the photographer’s personality out. Ask questions that will draw informative feedback. You need to make sure that your photographer’s personality will compliment your joyous occasion; not sabotage it. There’s too many wedding stories which involve a belligerent photographer. Don’t become another story!

While it might sound silly, the appearance of your photographer can give you a very good indication of their character. If the wedding photographer appears informal, unkempt, or worse yet–drunk; you will not want to hire them for your wedding. You want to hire a person who is well-groomed with excellent hygiene. Nobody wants to hear their own wedding guests whisper, “the photographer smells awful.”

You’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed once you know you’ve hired a professional. Wedding plans are already chaotic enough! Who wants to worry about whether or not their wedding photographer is qualified for the job? Certainly not you!

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